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At SKN Vision, we know, and you also know that in order to provide first-class, state of the art healthcare, it requires adequate remuneration. We also know, that not everyone has the means to easily pay for this.


We view health care vis-à-vis, Eye Care as A Right Not a Privilege.


We therefore make every effort to facilitate you paying your obligations as easily and patient friendly as possible. Therefore, with this in mind, we have several options that are indeed available.


They include but are not exclusive to the following options: –


  • Cash

  • Cheques of local banks in the Federation.

  • Visa and Master Card Debit and Credit cards.

  • Deferred payment options which are negotiable.

  • All of the locally available insurance options with and without Pre Paid Deductibles.

  • Clico

  • Nagico Insurance

  • National Caribbean Insurance

  • Pan American Life Insurance

  • Sagicor Insurance


If there are any specific questions, please do not hesitate to speak to or email the office manager at info@sknvision.

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