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Our Dedicated Staff Members

Dr. Samuel B, Nisbett



Our professional eye care team is headed by Dr. Samuel B. Nisbett, MD., MB., BS., FACS, FRCSC, MBA


  • Dr. Nisbett has been recognized as a extremely well qualified Ophthalmologist for more than 3 decades.

  • He has sub – specialty training in Cataract Surgery, Medical, Retina, Oculoplastics and Glaucoma.

  • Over 30 years’ experience in advanced intraocular and extraocular procedures including Cataract Extraction.

  • He is board-certified and practised  in Canada and the USA.

  • an extremely compassionate, professional and talented ophthalmologist, dedicated to uncompromising excellence!

Wrennecia Thomas

Office Manager/Ophthalmic Technician

Wrennecia is a certified ophthalmic Assistant with years of experience in ophthalmology. She has in depth knowledge of the local issues that affect barriers to treatment. She’s extremely compassionate and pragmatically helpful to all patients, especially the elderly and less fortunate. In addition, her knowledge of ophthalmic therapy and disease entities goes well beyond what is needed for her position. Patients would benefit from her dual role, as office manager. In this role understanding the social, financial and logistical issues regarding the indigenous patient population is indispensable.

Schemeda Hazel

Office Assistant/Front Desk Manager

Schemeda is an extremely bright experienced ophthalmic Assistant. She has an amazing welcoming personality. Her gift, for putting even the most petrified patients at ease is legendary. Her professional approach and compassionate nature are amazing. She doubles on many occasions as receptionist/secretary. Patients are so grateful for her attention to detail and her ability never to forget them personally, or their all important clinical and social needs. She is equally adept at dealing with clinical issues and financial ones, like navigation through the insurance maze. SKN Vision is extremely lucky to have such a compassionate, caring and giving individual on staff. You will too, when you become a patient of this Premier Ophthalmic Facility.

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