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At SKN Vision Services, Inc., our goal is to provide the best possible vision care for all patients. We achieve this through a combination of using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology and the utmost in personal care. 


We  recommend and perform only the most appropriate therapy.


Our clinic will provide you with care and therapy equivalent to or exceeding most clinics in North America or Europe.


In summary, SKN Vision Services, Inc. promises to relentlessly pursue the ultimate visual care for all patients as we journey


"Towards a Spectacle-Free Society” 




Effective July 31, 2020, my practice will no longer exist in St. Kitts.
I have permanently relocated to Canada. I will have transferred to your medical files to Dr. Alvin Edwards, a practicing ophthalmologist. Dr. Edwards office, "Eyes First Clinic" can be found at:

The Cable Building
Cayon Street
Basseterre, KN
Saint Kitts

My current WhatsApp number and email will no longer be functional after July 31, 2020. I appreciate all of the support I received while practicing in St. Kitts.

Thank you and best of luck in the future!

In the interim, I beg you all to follow:

  • “The social distancing” guidelines.

  •  I also urge you to disinfect thoroughly all surfaces even the one that I’m not so obvious like cell phones and doorknobs.

  • I also urge to we are mask when you are surrounded by people who do not live in the same location that you do (even if they are your friends).


This virus infects without favor, race preference all religious preference.


Please stay safe and I will see you in the Federation in early June

Dr. Nisbett's Lectures and Broadcasts 

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